River Finacial

As stated on HTDC's DCIL section:

"River Financial is a challenger financial institution specializing in Bitcoin financial services. River Financial's flagship product, a Bitcoin brokerage, provides sophisticated retail investors with a high-touch platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. Founded in early 2019 by Alexander Leishman and Andrew Benson, River's brokerage product provides its clients with best-in-class security, a world-class client service experience, and investment performance tools such as cost basis tracking."

Conclusion: If you are interested in services solely for Bitcoin, this may be a viable option for you. Though it is always recommended to have the ability to transfer your funds off a platform, at any time, to hold and do with as you see fit. Without any third party intervention. We would like to reach out to River Financial to establish a dialog. Possibly share in educating our fellow Hawaiian residents on more than just Bitcoin.

Source: DCIL Participating Companies - HTDC 

River Financial – Buy & Sell Bitcoin. Easy & Secure.