Aloha! Welcome to How to Crypto Hawaii. A site dedicated to helping island residents navigate the always evolving realm of crypto. Our goal is to provide basic easy-to-navigate education for the beginner, tips, tricks and "regulation navigation" for the enthusiast as well as updates on current regulation and related topics surrounding Hawaii and the cryptospace in general. It is our mission to bring more awareness to the islands by proving a source of the most up-to-date information on one of the worlds fastest growing innovative markets.

Why the hassle to own crypto? Remember, it is NOT illegal to own any cryptocurrency or digital asset. Regulation allows only certain exchanges/platforms to operate in the state as part of a "test program". For a more in-depth explanation on these companies and current regulation, dive in here. For a look at how to "navigate" these limited exchanges, dive in here.

This section is for anyone starting from the beginning. We've all been here. Our approach to providing knowledge on the basics is with consideration and understanding to inexperience. Our goal is not to complicate these subjects for anyone new to crypto. 

Are cryptocurrencies/digital assets illegal for you to own in Hawaii? Nope. They're not illegal to own in this state. At the moment, any regulations in effect mostly hinder the ability for crypto exchanges to operate in Hawaii. Making it difficult for your average user to acquire any crypto. So the question then becomes, "where do I buy them?" Dive in here to learn how you too can better navigate regulation surrounding exchanges.

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