The future of crypto

  This area is too vast to cover in this section so we will keep things short. Please expect an update soon. 

Play to earn gaming is definitely a category to add to your watchlist. To explain this all in very simplified terms, you can play games and earn money by investing in the game itself on the open market or also earn by playing in the game. From games like Defi kingdoms and Star Atlas (see 4K trailers below) to Derace and Axie Infinity, there are already so many to play and earn games out there. From placing live bets on digitized thoroughbred horses in a horse track metaverse, to building up characters with NFT assets in role playing games, there really is something for everyone. Especially for people without the time for gaming These days.  Full disclosure, I am earning in protocol fees right now in the game Defi Kingdoms. I've staked my "Jewels token" in the in-game bank and am now earning a passive income. There's just endless ways to earn passive income in defi gaming.  

 Below is a GREAT video to help elaborate and understand just what crypto gaming is.

Defi Kingdoms trailer

Star Atlas trailer

Axie Infinity trailer

Another video that may be helpful from our friends at the Coin Bureau