Mobile wallets to swap with

In brief: A good trick not much talked about is swapping crypto on a multi-asset wallet. Multi-asset wallets generally come with a dex or "swapping" feature built into the app. Though most (if not all) prohibit the purchase of crypto using a bank card tied to a Hawaii address, none prohibit the use of the swapping feature. Much like a VPN exchange, after buying a particular stable coin (verify the trading pair of the token or coin your after, this prevents having to swap more than you need to) on a regular exchange (an exchange you've been KYC'd) transfer to your multi-asset wallet and swap/exchange. Some multi-asset wallets require you to hold a certain amount of a particular token for transaction fees. Example: If you want to swap USDT for SOL on the Exodus wallet, you will need to hold some ETH for transaction fees as it runs on the Ethereum network. 


An very important feature in the crypto space is "staking". Earning more of the particular crypto you hold passively. On just about any exchange/platform, certain cryptocurrencies can be staked to earn. Multi-asset wallets are no different. Some can offer higher staking rewards than others so it's important to do a bit of digging. If your in love with a project and want to invest in it, why not stake it and earn even more as it sits in your wallet? Find a great wallet you love, that supports the project you love, then stake it to earn even more of it.

Recommended wallets:

Multi-asset wallet:

Exodus wallet         

 Here is Exodus full list of supported cryptocurrencies

Atomic wallet   

Here is Atomic Wallet's full list of supported cryptocurrencies

Trust Wallet               Here is Trust Wallet's full list of supported cryptocurrencies

Hardware wallet:

Ledger Nano X


If you have any recommendations for us to look into, please feel free to reach out. We will perform a deep dive ASAP.