Crypto degenerate turned full time investor turned "crypto educator", Dustin has no special degree in any related technology endeavor. He pulls his knowledge from pure unadulterated hard earned personal experience. 

Having a knack for problem solving and after repeated inquiries on the how's and where's to buy certain cryptocurrencies, he decided one day to put together a website that considers the beginner yet is robust and tip friendly enough for the "crypto degenerate". Dustin believes in providing a platform source that gives everyday folks the same knowledge, the same edge and advantages as institutional investors.

 A strong advocate in particular for DEFI (decentralized finance) Dustin's goal is to introduce more and more people to the newest innovation in the financial sector that is DEFI.

 Furthermore, he believes as time goes on, interoperability between blockchains will become more regular. Accsessibility and opportunity will be at their peak. Adoption will be more widespread and the greatest opportunities still lay ahead for those who seek financial freedoms.

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